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  • Goji berry Planting in Ancient Times

    1. Wild goji berry in the pre-Qin period 2. The cultivation method of goji berry in the Han and Tang Dynasties 3. goji berry garden cultivation in Song and Yuan Dynasties 4. Zhongwei goji berry cultivation in Ming and Qing Dynasties 5. Modern Ningxia goji berry cultivation

  • Nutritional content of goji berry

    Dried goji berry contains goji polysaccharides, various amino acids, trace elements, vitamins, taurine, alkaloids, volatile oils and other chemical components. Its main ingredient is Lycium barbarum polysaccharide

  • Comparison of goji berry in different producing areas

    Comparison of goji berry in different producing areas: 1.Ningxia goji berry, 2.Xinjiang goji berry, 3.Qinghai goji berry, 4.Gansu goji berry 5.Inner Mongolia goji berry

  • Distribution of Chinese goji berry planting area

    There are about 80 species of this genus in the world, which are scattered around the world. There are about 10 species in Eurasia, mainly in Central Asia; about 20 species in southern Africa; about 20 species in southern North America; and up to 30 species in southern South America. The remaining species are not found in tropical regions.

  • Benefits of Goji Seed Oil

    Goji seed oil contains 68.3% linoleic acid, 19.1% oleic acid, 4.2% y-linolenic acid, 170.0mg/100g beta-carotene, 27.0mg/100g vitamin E, 15.0mg/100g lutein, 9.2 zeaxanthin mg/100g, 0.25% phospholipid, and contains a variety of trace elements and bioactive substances SOD

  • Wolfberry organic goji berry cultivation

    In 2002, Wolfberry took the lead in planting organic goji berry in the core goji production in Ningxia, which is far away from cities and industrial areas. Pioneered the production process of biological restoration of the natural state.

  • The growing environment of goji berry

    goji berry grows at 37.5° north latitude. This golden latitude gathers countless beautiful and rich cities. The perfect combination of latitude, sea and land creates a pleasant climate and unique natural landscape along this latitude.

  • Introduction of goji seed oil

    The dried goji berry contains 15-20% seeds, the fresh goji berry contains 2-3% seeds, and the goji berry seed contains about 18% oil.

  • How to judge whether goji juice is good or bad?

    How to judge whether goji juice is good or bad? 1.1. Look at the shelf life 2. Smell 3. Look at the color. 4. Taste

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