Ningxia Wolfberry Goji Industry Co.,ltd Founder Introduction


Ningxia Wolfberry Goji Industry Co.,ltd Founder Pan Tai'an, born in Zhouta Township, Zhongning County, the hometown of Chinese goji berry.

After graduating from university in 1982, he has been engaged in university education for fifteen years and has served as deputy director of the Department of Food Science and Engineering of Ningxia Agricultural College and director of Ningxia Bio-food Engineering Technology Centre. He is a senior expert and researcher in food engineering. He was the director of the Chinese Society of Food Science and Technology, vice chairman of the Yinchuan City Federation of Industry and Commerce, member of the Yinchuan CPPCC, executive vice president of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, vice president of the Ningxia Lycium Association, etc.

Pan Tai'an loves the cause of Chinese goji berry, devoting himself to the research of Chinese goji berry for more than 30 years, has presided over 3 national projects of deep processing of Chinese goji berry, more than 10 research projects of Chinese goji berry at provincial and ministerial level, overcoming more than 20 technical difficulties of deep processing of Chinese goji berry products, publishing 23 academic papers in publications such as "Food Science" and "China Dairy Industry". Editor-in-chief, deputy editor-in-chief of "soft drink process", "food plant design principles", "dairy products process and progress" and other four university textbooks, won the provincial and ministerial level two, three and other scientific and technological progress awards 8. He has applied for 32 national invention patents and had granted 8 national invention patents.

Mr Pan Tai'an was the first to propose a new technology for supercritical carbon dioxide extraction of Chinese goji berry seed oil in 1996, and in 1998 he realised the export of the product, which was awarded a national invention patent.

In line with the way of heaven, adapt to nature, in 2002 in the domestic first organic Chinese goji berry planting, against the international standards of Europe and the United States, leading biological reduction of natural organic Chinese goji berry planting new development, in 2005 to achieve China's organic Chinese goji berry from Ningxia Wolfberry to the world.

The high activity Chinese goji berry polysaccharide developed by ultra-filtration membrane separation technology, the whole powder of Chinese goji berry produced by freezing sublimation drying technology, the high activity Chinese goji berry thick pulp, Chinese goji berry juice drink and other new products are exported to North America, the European Union and other twenty-seven countries and regions, realizing the Ningxia wolfberry deep processing products from Ningxia Wolfberry to the world.

2013-2019 after 6 years of scientific research, overcome the original juice of Chinese goji berry can not achieve the technical difficulties of room temperature preservation, creating a new era of Chinese wolfberry fresh, to achieve product exports, the technology also won the national invention patent.

In 2020 in the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control blockade, as a member of the Communist Party, CPPCC member, take the initiative to play an exemplary leading role, donated 1 million yuan for the fight against the epidemic medical treatment, fully embodies a successful entrepreneur heart for the common people, give back to the community of fraternity spirit. Pan Tai'an in the national organic Chinese goji berry planting demonstration, establish, perfect Chinese goji berry deep processing industry chain, drive farmers out of poverty, revitalize the countryside economy, donate financial aid, lead the Chinese goji berry industry common development and other aspects made outstanding contributions.

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