Planting Model of Ningxia Wolfberry Goji Industry Co.,ltd


In 2002, Ningxia Wolfberry Goji Industry Co.,ltd was the first to plant organic goji berry in China, with more than existing base of 23,950 hectares. In 2005, it was the first to obtain NOP certification in North America and EU organic certification. The organic goji produced  has passed the North American NOP, the European Union , Japan  organic food certification, china organic certification.

Ningxia Wolfberry Goji Industry Co.,ltd chooses the remote pure land far away from cities and industrial areas, and is the first to adopt the "leading enterprise + cooperative + farmer" organic goji berry cooperative planting model, with a cooperative planting base of more than 20,000 mu, to ensure the effective supply of high-quality organic goji berries.



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